1:1 Coaching:

Coaching - 3 reasons why you should start working with Emmanuel today

  • Don’t sweat it: Emmanuel will provide you with clear, pragmatic, actionable guidance. He’s been doing the heavy lifting for 15 years, so that you can experience results in as little as 15 days. 

  • Emmanuel comes prepared: there is no such thing as ‘winging it’ - In preparation for your session, Emmanuel will have reviewed your profile and materials. From there, he’ll give you 3 ideas that you can implement straight away. 

  • A clear plan, clear results, clear investment: Emmanuel will lay out upfront 3 options for what you can achieve, how long it will take and how much it will cost. 


Here are some of the problems Emmanuel can solve for you and with you:

For individuals

  • Stand out, get hired, get promoted!: early career coaching

  • Build and monetize your personal brand

  • Prepare for the important moments: interviews, presentations, speeches

For businesses

  • Grow your business and thrive after covid

  • Marketing and branding for your small/Medium business

  • When you face challenges: troubleshoot your marketing and branding